About Us

Over twenty years of service to Qatar business

It all began with just a couple of brands in 1996.

From these humble beginnings, Al-Majid Jawad Marketing & Distribution (AMJ) has evolved into one of the country’s largest and most trusted providers of fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG’s), handling over 50 renowned international brands, hundreds of regional commodities and our very own in-house product line.

As the country’s hospitality sector has grown, so too has AMJ. We’re continuously investing in infrastructure to keep pace with demand while increasing our portfolio to better meet the needs of clients. Our range of products now includes many niche brands and essential non-food items. Firm believers in quality not quantity, AMJ carefully reviews every potential new product before deciding which ones make the grade.

The best is yet to come

Our quest to be the best one-stop FMCG shopping destination for Qatar’s retail and HORECA business, big or small, means we’re always challenging ourselves to offer more.
Over the coming years, we aim to grow in size and reach, working closely with suppliers to acquire more top quality, high-value products for our diverse clientele.
Nothing sums up our bright future better than the company’s in-house label – OLA brand. We’ll be working hard to develop and expand this flagship line of products, offering more variety at great value to our customers.
There are plenty of exciting things on the horizon for AMJ - we’re happy to have you along on the journey.